Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1

Planning a fun field trip for your students? Consider chartering one of our luxury buses for a comfortable and memorable ride. Recently, a middle school in the Chicago suburbs chartered two of our 56-passenger buses for a day-long science field trip. With nearly 100 students to transport, the school needed plenty of room and top-notch safety. Our charter buses provided the perfect solution, complete with A/C, TVs, and wheelchair accessibility. For the 30-minute drive to the museum, the students relaxed in spacious leather seats while watching movies. And with two professional drivers, the teachers could focus on the learning adventures ahead. The school paid $140 per bus for the 9 hour rental. With nearly 100 students divided between the two buses, it came out to only $15 per student – much less than hiring school buses. The school tipped each driver 10% for exceptional service. Let us provide your students with a world-class charter bus experience on your next Chicago field trip!


Example #2

A marketing agency in Chicago is planning an annual company outing for their top 50 employees to boost morale and celebrate a successful year. They decide to rent a luxury 56 passenger charter bus for a full day tour of Chicago’s highlights. The itinerary includes stops at the Art Institute, Millennium Park, a river architecture tour, and dinner at an upscale steakhouse. To keep employees comfortable, they select a bus with leather seats, TVs, WiFi, and a bathroom. They also arrange for snacks, beer, wine and champagne to be served on board throughout the day. The 12 hour rental from 9am-9pm on a Saturday in June costs $2,400. With the luxury bus amenities, snacks, and drinks included, the total comes to $3,000. Split between 50 people, it’s only $60 per person for a fun day exploring Chicago in style. The marketing director tips the professional driver 15% at $450 for exceptional service, bringing the grand total to $3,450. While pricier than a standard bus, it’s an affordable way to boost team morale and reward top performers.


Example #3

A youth basketball team from the suburbs is traveling into Chicago for a weekend tournament. There are 12 players plus coaches and parents, totaling 18 passengers. They decide to rent a 20 passenger charter bus to easily transport the group to and from their hotel near the United Center, as well as between games at different venues around the city. For the three day rental from Friday morning through Sunday evening, the total quote comes to $2,100. This covers pickup and drop-off at their home gym in the suburbs, as well as unlimited miles for driving to the various courts where games will be held. It allows the team to focus on the tournament while leaving the driving to a professional. The charter bus rental takes care of parking and navigating Chicago traffic, creating a stress-free weekend. The youth basketball team is able to bond during the rides, get amped up before games, and relax after with their convenient charter bus.


Example #4

A group of 12 friends from the suburbs decides to take a day trip into Chicago for a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. They choose to rent a 20 passenger party bus so they can all ride together, enjoy drinks responsibly on the way, and not have to worry about parking near the stadium. For a Saturday day trip, the 20 passenger bus rental costs $140 per hour. They are picked up at 10am in Naperville for the hour long drive to Wrigleyville, spend 6 hours enjoying the area and game, and then get dropped back off in Naperville around 5pm. With 8 hours total, the cost of the bus rental comes out to $1,120. They add an 18% tip for their friendly driver, bringing their total trip cost to $1,322, or about $110 per person. It proved to be a fun, safe way for the whole group to enjoy a hassle-free guys day out in the city.


Example #5

A couple from Chicago is planning a wedding for 150 guests. They decide to book a charter bus to transport guests between the hotel, ceremony, and reception locations. We provide a quote for a 56 passenger charter bus for 10 hours at $140 per hour plus 5% driver gratuity. This covers pickup and drop off for guests starting at the hotel at 11am, bringing them to the ceremony at 12pm, then to the reception venue from 2-5pm, and returning guests to the hotel at 6pm. For the 10 hour rental period plus gratuity, the total comes out to $1,540. The per person cost is only $10 since they are transporting 150 guests. This is an affordable and convenient transportation option that eliminates the need to worry about parking or driving after celebrating. Guests can relax and enjoy themselves on the spacious, comfortable bus between venues.

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